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Why Choose Pony

Why Choose Pony

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Company Strengths
lSince its inception in 2001, we have established our own office,R&D and manufacturing base and undertaken over forty glass projects at home and abroad, winning high praise and recognition from the glass industry as product quality and effectiveness reached or exceeded the contract requirements.
•lWe own a group of famous experts in the glass industry, especially proficient in furnace and tin bath—the core part of glass production line.
•lThe top management of Shanghai Pony Technology Co., Ltd. has been associated with a large independent glass company, who has been providing constant supports in the aspects of operation technology, managing technology, quality control as well as jobsite operating training etc.
•lOur company is capable of providing one-station whole package turnkey projects for all the clients.
•lOur strengths in investment economy, safety production, operation stability, simple operation and maintenance, high quality and customer satisfaction accumulated in over forty domestic and foreign projects undertaken since our establishment powerfully proved that Shanghai Pony would be your best choice.
Advanced Technology
     Furnace engineering is safe and reliable and the technical specifications have reached international advanced technology. We obtained many patented technology in the furnace engineering. In the Russian 700t/d float glass project we undertook, the energy consumption is 1250Kcal/Kg molten glass and the M1-M2 level product ratio(high-class products in national standard GB44614-2009) reached 97%.
     With advanced engineering technology, our tin bath designed is capable of producing high quality glass with thickness from 0.7mm to 25.0mm as well as electronic glass with thickness from 0.35mm to 2.00mm.
l15t/d~1000t/d float glass technology
l60-600t/d, 2-6mm solar glass technology
l100t/d-600t/d oxygen-fuel furnace technology
l15t/d~300 t/d end-fired furnace technology
l0.35mm~25mm thickness float glass forming and producing technology
l10t/d~300 t/d solid sodium silicate technology
lUnique silica raw material homogenization technology
lTechnologies of installation, production maintenance, quality control and production management for production lines
lDefect diagnosis and trouble-shooting technologies
lWater-cooled glass discharge and furnace temperature control technologies
lFull set technical trainings and hands-on operation trainings.
Extensive Experience
     Up to now, we have undertaken over 40 projects (40 are domestic projects and 8 are overseas projects) for many reputed enterprises in China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Russia etc. Most of these projects produce automotive glass, mirror glass and solar glass etc.
Excellent Team Members
     Our main technical team consists of experts from the United States, United Kingdom, India, Malaysia Indonesia and China. All of them have more than 30 years experience in the project & procurement management, engineering and construction. They represents the most advanced and cutting-edge technology of the glass industry.
Competitive Price
     Over these years, we have developed close cooperation relationship with the well-known international material and equipment suppliers in the glass industry and will utilize such experiences when it becomes necessary. In addition, we maintain close relationship with many domestic well-known joint-ventured or wholly foreign-owned suppliers. We are very familiar with the performances and quality of their products and are capable of providing you with international-leveled production line at an economically attractive cost.