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Mechanical Equipment

Product Description
1)We supply conveying Equipments for float glass production lines, solar glass production lines and TFT ultra-thin glass production lines, such as roller conveyor, belt conveyor, brush conveyor, air flotation conveyor, equipment with reversing, adjusting and temporary storage functions, vertical-horizontal flip and variable-angle conveyor etc) 
2)Ultra-thin glass washing machine
3)Manual ribbon cutting machine for ultra-thin glass
4)Online glass weighing device
5)Key-type conveyor for drop section
6)New type longitudinal snapping and chevron roller conveyor
7)Edge trimming conveyor
8)Snapping and press device
9)Temporary storage frame and movable lifting hand for ultra-thin glass production line
10)Glass stacking system with online paper/film rolling, cutting, spreading machine
11)Vertical stacking system
12)Horizontal moving rotating vertical stacker
13)Stacking system with double-layer roller conveyor (medium ,small size ultra-thin glass)
14)Robot peripheral equipment etc
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